BiATA 2017 workshop offers computer practices in various areas of NGS data analysis. During the classes students learn how to process and analyze real sequencing data using various popular tools, including those developed in Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology (e.g. SPAdes, QUAST, etc).

During the first 1.5 days all students attend the genomics track that focuses on whole genome sequencing data analysis. In addition, students are given a personal genomic project that they have to complete on their own. The goal of the projects is to receive meaningful results from raw data. While doing this project students have to apply their knowledge and skills received during the practice classes.

In the afternoon of the second day students split into 3 separate tracks depending on their preferences (can be specified during the registration): metagenomics track, transcriptomics track and immunogenomics track. Similarly to the genomic track, each one includes short lectures and practice classes.

Since most of the tools have only command-line interface, minimal knowledge of Linux/Unix terminal is required for workshop participants. For those who are unsure about their Linux level, an additional class on Linux command line basics will be held before the genomic track in the first day.

All classes have computers, so you do not need to bring your laptop. However, you are free to bring one. In this case make sure you laptop has terminal (or something like Putty for Windows), so it is possible to connect to the server via SSH.